Friends, gamers, ” online casinos “, do you know that As we practice playing puzzle games often, it has been studied and accepted by scientists that It is the training of our own brain to practice the process of thinking, analysis, discrimination, and it also helps our brain to develop further as well. The casino article at this time has a puzzle to challenge friends. Try to train the brain

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The first puzzle is that One night that was snowy, Cho and Chrom were sitting in a house. And then sat in his living room beside the fire. Suddenly, a snowball entered the window. The window in our house was broken. I got up and looked out the window to see who was throwing snow into his window.

And Crow looked at the children Nearby With three children being the elders Was running around The alley around his house With their names John Johnson, Mark Klanson and Paul Clinton. Then, the next day, Cro receives a small paper message. By writing the question mark and continuing with Kleinson, who is the person who broke your window

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To read from the riddles in this verse After guessing who it is that the person who broke the window has more time to think about this puzzle 5 seconds later Let’s hear the answer better than Mark Kleinson, because the question mark in the English language will say, “Mark mark,” it became Mark Kleinson. “That broke the window.

Continue with the puzzle in point 2. There is a story that there is a food festival in the village. There are people in the village that come in to have a lot of fun. And there were 4 participants in the cooking, including Jenny Emma, ​​Daniel, and Joykov. The 4 people later competed in cooking But when the time was over, Joykov died.

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After checking, the police found that Likely caused by him tasting his own food There was also Cyanite Night. Later, the police asked the contestants together. But then gave a testimony that Jenny said that Joykov came to borrow the pan. Emma said that I borrowed the Livewolf from Joy

Daniel said I borrowed salt from Joykov from this puzzle. Friends, Who are the murderer? Let’s hear the answer better. Daniel is a murderer because the Cyanite Night is similar to salt. Friends, ” Online casino ” gamers answer a few questions correctly.


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